UK State Pension Review

UK state pensions are paid out to all UK citizens when they reach the state retirement age, providing they have paid their National Insurance (NI) contributions.

In some cases, UK expatriates are missing out on valuable income simply because its impossible for them to stay on top of all the changes and they are unaware of the options they have as a UK expatriate living in the USA.

Can I Receive my UK state pension in the USA? and how much will I receive? 

Yes! Unlike some company and private UK pensions, UK state pensions can be paid directly to your US bank account.

The amount of State Pension you get depends on your National Insurance (NI) record. Your NI record includes NI contributions that you pay when you are working in the UK. For most British expats living in the USA they have not continued paying NI contributions since they moved to the USA. This means most have gaps in their NI record and may not have enough qualifying years of NI contributions to get the full UK State Pension.

LDN Wealth can help. If you don’t have enough qualifying years to get a full State Pension, you may be able to make up gaps in your National Insurance contribution record by paying voluntary contributions.

We’ve created our unique State Pension Review to help anybody who has paid UK National Insurance and no longer lives in the UK get vital information about their State Pension entitlement and how they can top this up so they receive the full UK State Pension amount when they retire in the USA.

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