UK Expatriate Financial Planning Packages

To make the process even easier LDN Wealth offers two comprehensive UK expatriate Financial Planning Packages. Both packages involve reviewing and analysing your entire financial situation from an international perspective and laying out a plan to take you in the direction you want to go. Financial Planning Packages for both are based on how long a UK expatriate has lived in the USA and each is customised and tailor-made for the particular client.


Lived in the USA 0-5 Years

This package is usually the best option for UK expatriates that have more recently relocated to the USA and plan to retire in the USA or elsewhere. LDN Wealth and its various strategic partners establish a structure for their clients overall financial, legal and tax well-being in the USA.


Lived in the USA 5+ Years

This package is usually the correct option for UK expatriates that have worked and lived in the USA for 5+ years and plan on retiring in the USA. Most expatriates who choose this service have previously established legal and financial professionals, however, they need more specific international expertise and a cohesive and integrated overall picture.


Fees and Costs

We believe in keeping our fees competitive, as a way to provide greater value to you. In fact, our fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

Each of our Financial Planning packages is unique to the particular client and therefore will only include and recommend those products and solutions that we deem will be of benefit to that client specifically.

Contact LDN Wealth for more info on services for Intl/ UK expatriate clients.


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