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LDN Wealth estimates that there over currently in excess of 680,000 UK expatriates living in the USA and that the total number of worldwide expatriates stands at over 40 million. Recent surveys indicate that the main reasons for moving to the USA include warmer weather, a higher chance of employment and a better standard of living, but whatever the reason for buying a one-way ticket to being an expatriate, most people have some important choices to make once they arrive in the USA.


Most UK expatriates seek individual US professionals for their financial concerns such as tax, legal and investment advice.
However, this can often be costly and detrimental as expatriate matters are outside the knowledge base of most US tax, legal, and investment professionals. LDN Wealth provides unique financial planning and advice to UK expatriates and has partnered with established and well-respected international specialists, to provide solutions for some of their most common concerns.


To make the process even easier LDN Wealth offers two UK expatriate Financial Planning Packages. Each Financial Plan package is based on how long a UK expatriate has lived in the USA and each one is customised and tailor made for each client.

LDN Wealth and strategic partners also offer a range of individual services for UK expatriates living in the USA:

  • Regular Saving Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • International Mortgages
  • Investment Properties
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • UK Pension Transfers
    • -SIPP
    • -QROPS
  • UK State Pension Reviews
  • UK Pension lifetime allowance reviews
  • Pension Free Cash Reviews
  • UK Legislative updates
  • Retirement Planning in the USA
  • College Education Fee Planning
  • Expatriate Estate Planning and Wills
  • Group Retirement Planning and Insurance for E-2 and EB-5 Visa Businesses

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LDN Wealth is an independent registered financial advisor throughout the United States, LDN Wealth has partnered with top specialist international service providers to help UK Expatriates and US residents with their Pension Transfers and Financial Planning needs.