Estate Planning And Wills

Many of us have specific desires in terms of leaving our wealth and possessions to heirs. An estate plan is the vehicle by which this is done.

Estate planning takes into account wills, guardianship of minor children, the succession plan for a business and a variety of other related issues. Many expatriates believe that if they have a will, living trust or state plan in another country then this will be valid in the USA. This may be true in some cases but an international estate plan is complex and US estate tax concerns are often not taken into consideration.

Licensed attorneys are necessary to create legal documents, however, they often let tax avoidance drive the estate plan and don’t follow up to see that the plan is properly funded. LDN Wealth can help make sure you have a properly established estate plan in place

Estate planning is not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. As situations change you may need to revisit your estate plan to ensure that is still meets your needs.

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