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Why Choose LDN Wealth?

LDN Wealth is an independent registered investment advisor throughout the United States and we are experts in helping US clients with their Financial Planning and Investment management needs.

LDN Wealth brings a one of a kind global outlook to US clients and offers the best advice and services to help clients make the right decisions for their financial future.

Our driving passion is to give our clients the best possible advice about making the most of their money, and helping them find the products and strategies to achieve their goals.


To do that, we must exceed our fiducairy responsibility and:

  • Demonstrate an immediate and deep understanding of individual clients and their needs with a real commitment to acting as a ‘trusted’ advisor.
  • Have a strong focus on enabling our clients to achieve a secure retirement or a pre-determined investment goal e.g. assisting in education planning for childrens future.
  • Be proactive in portfolio management and managing our clients accounts, by continually considering market changes and the personal financial events that may have an effect on them.
  • Demonstrate measurable results and benefits to clients whilst providing value.
  • Have regular meetings to review the previous strategy decisions and evolution of the “living” financial planning solution.

LDN Wealth is proud to offer a range of services to US Clients:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Fee Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance

Contact LDN Wealth for more info on services for US Clients.


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LDN Wealth is an independent registered financial advisor throughout the United States, LDN Wealth has partnered with top specialist international service providers to help UK Expatriates and US residents with their Pension Transfers and Financial Planning needs.