British Expatriates in the United States of America

British Expatriates in the United States of America

An expatriate is someone who resides in a country other than their native country. Reasons for immigrating to another country could be for work reasons, to improve quality of life or perhaps because the said person’s loved one resides in another country. A British Expatriate is therefore British people living in a foreign country. A firm favourite country for British Expatriates to reside in is the United States of America, where an estimated 760,000 British people work and live.

The United States is a vast country with many different terrains, cultures and things to do! The East coast has cities such as New York and Boston whilst the West coast boasts Hollywood and San Francisco in their ranks. Many British people move to America for work purposes, which is generally what they need to do to earn a green card. However, people who have enough money have been known to buy homes in Los Angeles and simply enjoy the high life.

Being one of the many British Expatriates in the United States of America has many advantages. Firstly, it’s English speaking which proves favourable to those who want a relatively smooth transition when moving to a country other than their native one.

Secondly, without sounding bias, everything’s bigger and better in the USA – a meal in a British restaurant and a meal in an American diner are so different in size that you would be popping out of your jeans on the first night! Even the rollercoasters are bigger in America, so for those thrill seekers perhaps becoming British expatriates in America would be ideal for you.

There’s also so much more to do in America for the average person. Holidays in the UK are very limited therefore people generally go abroad and spend thousands on package holidays, but all you could ever need from a holiday is in America therefore no need to pay over the odds prices when wanting that well-earned vacation! Great holiday destinations in the United States include Florida, New York and San Francisco and when the weathers not so good in one part, it’s always good in another so where ever you go you can always get the weather you desire, hot or cold.

British expatriates are in high numbers in America, and for good reason. It is a thriving multi-cultural country with lots of employment opportunities and things to do for the whole family.

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