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LDN Wealth was founded in 2015 by British expatriate, Hailey James-Gannon, who recognized that there was no solution for the truly international client who needed comprehensive financial advice and planning on all their assets around the world, not just in the USA. Furthermore, the very few advisory firms offering international advice lacked ethics and transparency with high hidden fees and product lock in periods. With the view that things could, and should, be done better, LDN Wealth was created as the global clients international financial advisor.

With our primary offices in Florida, but with clients throughout the USA, we are a team who place emphasis on trust, expertise and a willingness to challenge the status quo and find solutions. We provide more than just financial planning and advice, we provide global solutions. We love nothing more than being presented with a challenge and often have international clients approach us with interesting or perhaps more complex questions about international financial planning as a USA resident.

Whether it be retirement planning, education fee planning, investment management or insurance planning, we offer cross border solutions that considers your needs as a US resident and a global citizen.

We believe financial planning on a global basis is better, and we pride ourselves on strong relationships with top international specialists and experts worldwide. This means you have the support and knowledge of a large multinational firm, with the care and understanding of a small family office. Many of our advisors are dual licensed in the USA and the UK and we are always expanding our team for bilingual advisors and support staff. 

Why LDN Wealth?

We are a team of international specialists with global knowledge and expertise. By helping clients with cross border financial planning we provide clients with the advice and management they need for their assets accumulated worldwide.

Like most financial advisors, we are licensed and regulated to advise clients throughout the USA, but unlike your typical high street advisor, and indeed most smaller firms, we consider all of your financial planning on a worldwide scale and we understand the complexities of holding assets in other countries whilst being a US resident.

Many international financial, insurance and tax planning aspects are outside the knowledge base of most US advisors. Try asking your financial advisor at your local bank about the company pension you accumulated from working in Europe or how to get approved for a mortgage as a foreign national, and in most cases you will be met with a blank look.

Where most other US advisors wouldn’t get past the head-scratching stage, advising about the workplace pension you built up whilst living in the UK or setting up a USA retirement plan for a foreign national who may move back to Germany, is what we do.   

Our experts help people, make the most of international opportunities. We pride ourselves on strong ethics and values and our fiduciary responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. From things like being transparently fee-based, to the way in which we help clients retain control and flexibility of their international assets. We never charge commissions on products and we never advise clients to purchase unnecessary ‘pension wrapper offshore bonds’ with lock in periods and high fees. We are changing the way people view global financial advisors and international pension specialists by keeping the quality of everything we do as high as possible and using our integrity to set our benchmark standards, rather than merely measuring ourselves against other advisors.

John Brock-Edgar
Investment Advisor Representative

John has worked in UK Financial Services for over 35 years and for 22 years as an Independent Financial Advisor in London, where he focused on  personal and corporate advice areas. He has also been involved as a major shareholder in building a successful UK IFA practice, Equus IFM Ltd, between 1998 and 2012, when the shareholders agreed to sell the business to a UK National IFA practice, Fairstone Financial Management. His UK IFA license remains with Fairstone Financial Management, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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LDN Wealth is an independent registered financial advisor throughout the United States, LDN Wealth has partnered with top specialist international service providers to help UK Expatriates and US residents with their Pension Transfers and Financial Planning needs.